Frequently Asked Questions – UtahKubb Events


Are the events free?
– Yup.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Nothing in this life is free.
– You are telling me! But for kubbers – the events are free and there are no charges.
Can I bring my friend (or some other relationship)?
– Of course! The whole purpose of Utah Kubb is to spread Kubb throughout Utah.
How many people can be on a team?
– 2 to 6.
Can’t I be on a team by myself?
– Nope. See above question. If you come by yourself we will try to find you a team.
What if I’m not good a sports?
– Really? You suck at throwing a stick at a block of wood? It’s not like we all grew up playing this game. Just come out and play the game – you will like it.
What if I’m late?
– We are usually able to squeeze you and your team in for a few games.
I want to contribute. Can I bring some food (or some other kind of contribution)?
– Umm…yeah…why would you even ask? We’re not too proud to accept free stuff. // Oh sorry, your donuts are no good here. // Really? Sprinkles? After Labor Day? // Man it is hot out, good thing Joe didn’t bring any water!
I heard something about free food…?
– Oh, one of you… Sounds like you aren’t too proud to accept free stuff either. Well yes, usually UtahKubb is benevolent enough to bring donuts for morning events. We also tend to bring waters too.
I heard something about free BBQ…?
– Ah yes, we have an annual Bar-B-Kubb. We do hot dogs – and yes it is free. You and your friends/family/strangers are welcome to come. We announce the date on the blog.

August 27th – Orem, Scera Park

Scera Park, 600 S State St, Orem, UT 84058 (we will be at/near the Yellow Pavilion)

We will be near here (the Yellow Pavilon):

So park just off of State Street, just North of the water park

10:00am = Team Registration Begins   (Hurry, before all the good team names are gone!)
10:15am = Matches Begin
11:00am = Team Registration Ends   (Too slow Joe!)

Free   duh

Optional things to bring:
– Food
– Drinks
– Lawn chairs
– Blankets