Fun Fall Date Ideas

Fall Outdoor Date Ideas

Fall is in full swing and even though the weather may be cooling down that doesn’t mean your date nights have to suffer. This is a great time of year to try new things and make new memories, here are some ideas to make this weekend memorable:

  • Organize a game of Kubb

Of course at the top of the list: Kubb, also known as Viking chess is a highly entertaining game for a small group of friends and family to play in a backyard or local park. The entire set is made out of solid wood and requires some dexterity, however, this game is very easy to pick up with few rules.

To get started you will need to get a Kubb set.

  • Find a local corn maze or haunted house


One of our personal favorites during the fall season, some corn mazes even let you dress in your Halloween attire! Most cities will have at least one of these, go online or check the local newspaper to find out dates and times. One word of caution, make sure your partner is okay with getting a little spooked. Some people find haunted experiences too frightening to enjoy themselves.

  • Visit an apple orchard or pumpkin patch

Enjoy the fall scenery by visiting a local orchard, pick an assortment of apples so you can make tasty apple pies with your significant other. Another great option if available is finding a local pumpkin patch. If you love carving pumpkins this can be an epic experience! Usually, grocery stores offer small to medium sized pumpkins, however, if you find the right pumpkin patch you can find super-sized pumpkins and in different colors. These rare finds can make for an excellent pumpkin carving.

  • Football tailgating

NFL or college, both can be very enjoyable events to attend. However, not every state has an NFL team, if you are in this boat search for college teams nearby. Don’t worry, many college football teams are just as exciting to be involved with as the professional teams. Bring your friends, camp chairs, and plenty of food!

  • Go for a hike or walk to see the fall leaves

Get outside and enjoy nature before the frigid temperatures of winter are here. If you have access to it, find a nearby canyon and go for a hike to see the majestic beauty of the multi-colored leaves. Also, if you like photography, bring your phone or camera and capture some great shots you can share on your Instagram.

  • Outdoor movies

Some cities offer fall movie nights in local parks, but you can also do this in your own backyard if you have the right equipment. If either of you is a classic movie buff, or just enjoy a good horror flick this one can be very entertaining. Make sure to bring a blanket and hot chocolate in a thermos to keep warm and enjoy each other’s company.

  • Romantic campfire

Arguably the most romantic of all the date night ideas, what’s better than snuggling up to your partner and enjoying the stars?  Bring blankets, camp chairs, and roast tasty treats! Personally, we think s’mores can be enjoyed any time of year but other treats work just as well. Check with the city to see if some outdoor areas are off limits for this, the fall time is beautiful but there are also lots of dry leaves that can cause a wildfire.

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