Photos: June 4th, 2016

What a great turnout! It may have been our best yet. This one was tough to pin down who did the best, as it was kind of chaos :). But of the teams that played 3 or more games The Smorgasbord had the best record. Not bad for a thrown together team!

Who Played Who?

Winners in bold.
The Smorgasbord – v – Skullsmith
The Smorgasbord – v – Jolly Bone Breakers
The Smorgasbord – v – The Berserkers
The Smorgasbord – v – Bonecrushers
The Berserkers – v – Skullsmith
The Berserkers – v – The Pulverizers
The Berserkers – v – Bonecrushers
Bonecrushers – v – Skullsmith
Bonecrushers – v – The Blokes
Bonecrushers – v – Jolly Bone Breakers
Skullsmith – v – Jolly Bone Breakers
Skull Crushers – v – The Flying Dutchman
Skull Crushers – v – The Pulverizers
And Team Teerlink eventually showed up.

Check the 2016 Leaderboard to see how you rank!

I heart GIFs!





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