Kubb Training Techniques

Kubb Technique TrainingNow that the kubb summer tournament season has started up, the time is now to work on your kubb training! While we all love fun, relaxed games, the competitive spirit in you might want to practice acing your next tournament, or to show off a little for your friends. Whatever your reason, here are a few ideas to improve your Kubb game!

Baton Practice

Much like in other sports, the best way to get better at throwing a baton is to always throw a baton. Practice tossing up a baton into the air and catching it, to become more familiar with the weight and aerodynamics of the batons. Want to level up your baton tossing practice? Juggle your batons! Rapidly throwing your batons around gives you both the focus and constant familiarity with your batons’ shape and weight. Even after you feel like you are comfortable with it.

Once you are comfortable, practice with different rotations that you can mimick on the kubb pitch.  Start with 180 degree rotations, and then once you are familiar with those, move on to 360 degrees. See how well you can control your rotations for different types of throws! The more control you have, the better you can adapt to different situations! Keep on adding different throws and rotations to your repertoire, and you will be a dynamic and adaptable opponent on any pitch! But speaking of different throws, a great throw to practice is…

The 8 Meter Throw

In tournament play, the 8 meter throw is a crucial one! Though technique for that throw varies from player to player, the general consensus is that the most effective way to throw it is to have it rotate ½ a rotation, or 180 degrees. Many players feel like the best way to do this is to “choke up” on the kubb and hold it more towards the middle. With your hand on more of the baton, you have more control over your throw to get the perfect aim, toss, and rotation. By practicing this throw over and over, you can bring your game to the next level in no time!

Phantom Play

In order to practice all aspects of your Kubb game, a great way to practice your strategy is to play against yourself. By playing against your own throws, you learn the strengths and weaknesses of your own strategy, and can then work to play better against those strengths, and improve your weaknesses! By going through whole games and not just focusing on one aspect, you can have a more well-rounded practice session to figure out your personal play-style and strategy. Much like regular chess, ‘Viking Chess’ can be made or broken based on strategy. By doing phantom games, you can better know your own play style, and become more focused and confident in future games.

Tournament Play

Another great way to improve your gameplay is by attending various kubb tournaments in your area! Playing against new teams in varied match-ups will help you expose your strengths and weaknesses, and let you know which things you need to work on. Looking for a way to keep track of your game while you play? Phil Dickinson of Planet Kubb has made a scoresheet book to easily track your games for later analysis that you can buy here. However, don’t just play your game and leave! Make sure you watch other skilled players and analyze their strategy. Check out how they warm up for each game or how they throw their batons. What about their game strategy? Even better, make new kubb friends before and after games to widen your network. This way, you’ll have more friends to play against and practice with in the future. Who knows? You could meet future teammates! In order to see upcoming tournaments, check out our upcoming kubb events.
So what are you waiting for? Summer is here, your kubb set is waiting for you–Go get your game on!

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