Photos: April 17th, 2016

We didn’t know anyone in Saint George, but with the help of a few hard-core kubbers, we had a great turnout and an even better time. Hammer Princess gets the bragging rights for being the undefeated St. George Champions!

Who Played Who?

Winners in bold.
Hammer Princess – v – Kalo Fai
Hammer Princess – v – Riba G
Hammer Princess – v – The Berserkers
The Berserkers – v – Highlanders
The Berserkers – v – GIR’s Stick Throwers
The Berserkers – v – Riba G
Riba G – v – Icelandic Dragon Eaters
Riba G – v – GIR’s Stick Throwers
Riba G – v – Highlanders
GIR’s Stick Throwers – v – Highlanders
GIR’s Stick Throwers – v – Kalo Fai
Kalo Fai – v – The Double Floober

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Saint George Kubb Animation 1

Saint George Kubb Animation 3

Saint George Kubb Animation 2

Saint George Kubb Animation 4

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