kubb field setup

Getting Your Yard Setup for Kubb

kubb field setup

Kubb is a swedish yard game, perfect for backyard BBQ’s, tailgate parties, or any lazy weekend day. Although it doesn’t take much to start an exciting game of Kubb, we are going to walk you through a few important points about choosing your “pitch”, or field, or whatever you want to call it.

When deciding where to play Kubb, it is important to note that the best playing surfaces are grass, gravel, or sand. The more level the ground is in the playing field, the better.

There is no requisite size playing field, but here are two of the most commonly used sizes, 5 x 8 meters or 16 x 26 ft. The official playing size used at Kubb World Championships is 26 x 16 ft. This size may be too challenging for beginners or children, so at first it might be best to start with the size 10 x 20 ft. Check out the image in this post, or the video and instructions here for further setup details.

kubb field setup

So when just beginning to play Kubb, it is important to find a flat, level playing field and to set your field up to the beginner size of 10 x 20 ft. These two, small steps can make a huge difference when you first start to play Kubb. Picking up this game that some call “Viking Chess”, is much easier than it may look. You really only need a little bit of open space, and a Kubb set. You can adjust the setup to fit the amount of open space that you have available to you. This allows you to enjoy a good pickup game of Kubb almost no matter where you are, and what your skill level may be.

Now get throwing!

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